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Why use our Kickstart Gateway Service?

As a DWP approved Kickstart Gateway, we have submitted hundreds of successful Kickstart Scheme applications on behalf of our clients. As a result, we have a wealth of experience of dealing with the DWP and in particular, knowing the critical success factors for ensuring an application is approved.  

As a governmental department, the DWP have a strict and bureaucratic process that needs to be followed when submitting a Kickstart application. We know a number of organisations who have applied directly and had their application rejected due to not completing the paperwork correctly or having an inadequate Employability Training programme. This can be a huge waste of time and resources for an employer. 

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The Employability Training programme in particular, is a fundamental (and mandatory) element of the scheme, and this is where the vast majority of direct applications have failed. We have invested a substantial amount of funds in developing a dedicated Kickstart Employability Training Programme which critically, has been specifically approved by the DWP. This completely removes the risk of an application made through us being rejected for a sub-standard training programme.

The user-friendly online portal guides young people through a number of training modules as well as providing a unique suite of videos, tools, assessments, and expert advice. It ensures the young person is in a much stronger position for future employment opportunities which is the government’s ultimate aim for the Kickstart Scheme. 

In addition, we also offer a Premium Kickstart Gateway Service which has been designed to take away the time consuming elements of the application and screening process, as well as providing each successful placement with a dedicated job coach. Details of this service can be found below.

Our Premium Service

Our Premium Service offering consists of the following three main components:

1. Application Support

Step 1
We liaise with you to complete the pre-application questions.
Step 2
We will then submit the application on your behalf with all the relevant supporting documentation as well as the details of the DWP-approved Employability Training programme.
Step 3
We'll liaise directly with the DWP to answer any follow up questions.

2. Recruitment Support

Once the Application has been approved by the DWP, we will provide the following support to recruit the right candidate into each role:

3. Employability Training Support

At the beginning of the process each candidate will receive access to our online Employability Training portal. This will aim to reduce anxiety and prepare candidates for what may be their first interview in a while.

Once on the scheme, we have designed a dedicated Kickstart support package that aims to support and prepare each Kickstarter to ensure the best chance of employment success. This will include:

  • Access to a Job Coach who regularly communicates with each Kickstarter on the scheme to ensure their wellbeing and skills are being supported correctly.
  • Access to training sessions on CV writing, job search and interview preparation.

The Induction training provided will include soft skills modules such as:

  • Attendance
  • Communication
  • Assertiveness
  • Timekeeping
  • Confidence
  • Hygiene

Finally, each Kickstarter will have a 121 with a Job Coach at the end of the process to review their CV, guide them on their job search, and provide interview guidance and advice.

The Kickstarter will have the contact details of their Job Coach to provide rapid and immediate feedback throughout their placement. This will be supported by regular 121s. Finally, as part of the final 121, an exit interview will be conducted to ensure all learning is captured and fed into improvements in the process for future participants. This will all be documented and aggregated using our CRM and applicant tracking system.

how much does it cost?

We offer flexible pricing solutions to meet the needs of our individual clients, depending on a number of factors including which level of service you require.

However, we guarantee that the cost of our services will never be more than the £1,500 grant you receive per placement and could be much lower.


Timescales are largely determined by how quickly the DWP process your application and is dependent on the application being approved.

However, in our experience, it typically takes 4-6 weeks for the DWP to approve an application.