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Our Kickstart Gateway Service

As a DWP approved Kickstart Gateway, we have submitted hundreds of successful Kickstart Scheme applications on behalf of our clients. We can simply add your vacancies to our list of approved placements much quicker and more efficiently than a direct application.

We can submit the Kickstart Scheme application on your behalf for a small nominal fee. In addition, you will need to ensure you comply with the required criteria stipulated by the government to obtain the employee funding and grant.

However, our premium Kickstart Gateway service has been designed to take away the time consuming elements of the application and screening process, as well as providing our DWP approved support and training programme to the young people in order to qualify for the funding.

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Our Premium Service Process

Step 1
We'll liaise with you and act as your Kickstart Gateway throughout the process and make the application on your behalf, ensuring you comply with all of the criteria to qualify for the grant funding.
Step 2
Undertaking the recruitment of each role including assessing candidate suitability via video screening, checking identity, right to work, and reference checking.
Step 3
We’ll provide all of the employability training required including helping the candidate compile a professional CV and cover letter, interview skills etc...

Recruitment and Employability Training

We do all of the hard work for you to ensure you recruit the best candidates and comply with the Employability Training requirements to qualify for the grant funding. This includes:

how much does it cost?

We offer flexible pricing solutions to meet the needs of our individual clients, depending on whether you require our basic or premium service. Our fee will vary depending on the precise services required and the number of job placements to be created.

However, we can guarantee that the cost of our services will never be more than the £1,500 grant you receive per placement and, for multiple hires, could be much lower.


Timescales are largely determined by how quickly the DWP process your application and is dependent on the application being approved.

However, in our experience, it typically takes 4-6 weeks for the DWP to approve an application.