we'll do all of the hard work for you with our Kickstart Employability Training Portal

Our DWP-Approved Kickstart Employability Training

Our Kickstart training service has been designed to take away the time consuming elements of  the mandatory employability training stipulated by the DWP for every Kickstart placement.

We have a dedicated DWP-approved Training Portal designed to help clients provide their Kickstart placements with all the support and training required to qualify for the employability training element of the funding.

Our Training Portal provides a unique suite of videos, tools, assessments and expert advice. As a result, you can be confident your Kickstart placements get all the employability training they need. Above all, it offers all the guidance required to help a young person understand their career aspirations, motivations, preferences, and values. 

Our DWP-approved Kickstart Employability Training and Support Programme is delivered through our easy-to-use Training Portal. It utilises the latest technology to provide practical support. So your Kickstart participant simply logs in to their portal to find all of the training materials and tools they need. 

Our Kickstart Employability Training Programme

Our step-by-step programme of training modules has an engaging variety of video content, presentations, assessments and quizzes on subjects including:

  • Communication skills
  • Team working
  • Time management
  • Confidence
  • CV writing
  • Interviewing
  • Job searching

Our Employability Training Programme covers all of the following elements:

CV Builder
Our CV Builder technology will guide a Kickstart placement through writing a compelling CV, even if they have little or no experience
CV Checker
Our CV Checker tool then provides a Kickstart participant with instant feedback on their CV and tips for improvement
Interview Simulator
Our Interview Simulator allows your Kickstart participant to practice answering the most commonly asked interview questions, and gives them AI feedback on their performance
Practical Support and Coaching
Each Kickstart placement will have regularly scheduled coaching sessions to ensure engagement and understanding, and the right level of practical advice and support
Job Search Support
If the Kickstart placement doesn't lead to a longer term job, then the participant gets access to our job search support. Our global job search database is updated daily and your Kickstart employees can save relevant job searches as well as be alerted to the latest vacancies as their placement with you nears an end
Reporting Tools
We provide a full suite of reporting tools to give you full confidence in your ability to respond to a DWP audit or request for information

So let our training portal do all of the hard work for you and ensure you comply with the Employability Training requirements to qualify for the grant funding. 

let us do all the hard work for you